Where to Stop Along the Canal Streetcar Line in New Orleans


Palm trees and neon signs line the infamous Canal Street in New Orleans. At the center, red streetcars scatter the street, taking people to and from experiences of a lifetime. The Canal streetcar line takes people from Mid-City’s City Park through the Central Business District and the historic French Quarter neighborhood. Each stop carries visitors through New Orleans’ history, passing by French and Spanish architecture and iconic attractions along the route.

New Orleans Streetcar Ettiquete: A Short Guide

To keep the New Orleans streetcars running efficiently, riders must abide by a few ground rules, including payment, etiquette, and helpful information. By following these tips, anyone can start riding the streetcar like a local:

  • When paying with cash, have exact change
  • Pay with a card through the official New Orleans RTA app, Le Pass
  • Don’t ride bikes, scooters, or skateboards on the streetcar
  • Enter and exit the streetcar as quickly as possible
  • Use Le Pass to get live updates on routes
  • Keep noise to a minimum
  • Be respectful to the driver

Streetcar Stop Number One: Canal Street at City Park Avenue and Esplanade Avenue

Visitors can easily spend the whole day at City Park, one of the biggest in the United States. The park’s scenic oak trees provide the perfect shade for picnicking, and plenty of recreational activities like paddle boating, golf, and walking paths exist. City Park is home to the New Orleans Museum of Art and Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden, which are full of modern and fine art exhibits. Both the City Park Avenue and Esplanade Avenue stops lead to City Park.

Streetcar Stop Number Two: Canal Street at Carrollton Avenue

Carrollton Avenue is the perfect stop for lunch and dessert. The dining options are endless and diverse — pizza, tacos, Vietnamese po’boys, boiled crawfish, and cannolis are just a few offerings. Angelo Brocato is a must-visit for its Italian desserts, no matter how full one may be. The restaurant has been a staple within the community for over 40 years.

Streetcar Stop Number Three: Canal Street at North Rampart Street

The Canal Street at North Rampart Street streetcar stop brings visitors into the historic French Quarter neighborhood. The French architecture, wrought iron balconies, and creeping jasmine vines are enough to convince anyone to stop and enjoy the view. In addition to restaurants, bars, and shops, visitors can see the famed Congo Square and the panoramic Saenger Theatre.

Streetcar Stop Number Four: Canal Street at Bourbon Street

Canal Street at Bourbon Street is the best stop to experience New Orleans’ nightlife and history. Although it is known for its lively bars, nightclubs, and restaurants, Bourbon Street hosts many iconic buildings. Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop, Napoleon House, and the Pontalba Buildings are popular attractions for history buffs, cocktail lovers, and ghost hunters.

Streetcar Stop Number Five: Canal Street at Royal Street

The hidden courtyards, art galleries, and street buskers of Royal Street create a busy atmosphere perfect for sightseeing, eating, and shopping. Visitors can indulge at Brennan’s or Cafe Begniet and shop at the best antique stores in the city. High-end boutiques and galleries within picturesque buildings are plenty along Royal Street. Even if visitors only window shop, the experience is worth stopping for.

Streetcar Stop Number Six: Canal Street at Camp Street

As the streetcar line goes down Canal, it stops at Canal Street and Camp Street. This stop is a short walk from Lafayette Square, home to many festivals and free live music events throughout the year. The tall downtown buildings of the Central Business District make the perfect backdrop for enjoying jazz music in fine weather.

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