The Top Tips and Ideas for Planning Charming and Traditional New Orleans Weddings


New Orleans weddings are a memorable event for locals and visitors alike. Weddings in New Orleans come in all shapes and sizes, from a charming wedding at a hotel courtyard to a traditional wedding inside a historic cathedral.

Despite venue size and wedding type, the key to ensuring a successful New Orleans wedding ultimately depends on planning, organization, and flare. Following a detailed plan with exceptional tips can help wedding parties turn a dream wedding into reality. Moreover, incorporating New Orleans-themed ideas can cement charming and traditional weddings in the memories of all guests for years to come.

New Orleans Wedding Invitations

Invitations are an excellent opportunity to evoke New Orleans style into charming and traditional weddings. Invitations can make a wedding feel more New Orleans-inspired from the beginning. A popular phrase for New Orleans invitations is “Les Bon Temps Roule.”

New Orleans Wedding Guest Books

Regardless of whether a wedding is charming or traditional, New Orleans-themed guest books are a creative way to add the city’s character to a wedding. The personal touch of this classic memento injects New Orleans flare into wedding receptions. Decorative options for New Orleans-themed guest books include the Fleur de Lis and famous New Orleans works of art.

New Orleans Wedding Floral Arrangements

Following the bride, groom, and cake, flora arrangements are crucial to conveying a wedding’s theme. When choosing centerpieces, adding local New Orleans flowers helps to set the tone. New Orleans wedding floral arrangements include azaleas, camellias, irises, lilies, magnolias, and roses.

New Orleans Wedding Menus

In New Orleans, there is no need to serve traditional beef, chicken, or fish options. One of the main advantages of a New Orleans wedding is the access to fantastic cuisine. Classic menu alternatives include crawfish étouffée, gumbo, and charbroiled oysters.

New Orleans Wedding Cake Pulls and Groom’s Cakes

Mule-drawn carriages and second lines are quintessential New Orleans elements that charming and traditional weddings can incorporate. Mule-drawn wedding carriages provide elegant alternative transportation to ceremonies, while second line parades are the perfect send-off for brides and grooms as they signify new beginnings.

New Orleans Wedding Mule-Drawn Carriages and Second Lines

The Italian and Sicilian influence in New Orleans is profound. The culinary influence is as much a part of the city’s food scene as Creole cuisine. Some of the tastiest classic desserts on New Orleans’ sweet side are Italian cookies, including biscotti, cannolis, and fig cookies.

One of the best places in New Orleans to experience Italian sweets is Angelo Brocato, established in 1905. The former French Quarter icon has called the Mid-City neighborhood its home since 1979.

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