Budget-Friendly Ways to Add Charm to a Small New Orleans Wedding


A traditional wedding in New Orleans, Louisiana, can, without question, become pricey. Many couples usually allocate the largest chunk of their budget to an open bar, food catering, and venue space, leaving little room for the smaller details. With a bit of craftiness and compromise, any bride can transform a small wedding into a budget-friendly success.

Book an Outdoor Wedding Venue or Courtyard

While New Orleans hosts some of the most beautiful wedding venues, many require extensive decorations. Choosing an outdoor venue like New Orleans City Park or the Maison Dupuy Hotel’s courtyard will allow nature to do most of the decorating. Plenty of sprawling oak trees and aesthetic foliage make the perfect backdrop for a charming New Orleans wedding.

Make DIY Wedding Cake Pulls

Wedding cake pulls are a classic New Orleans wedding tradition, but purchasing them can get pricey, especially from Mignon Faget. By hand-making cake pulls, brides can customize them to fit their bridal party, color palette, and style. Some brides collect vintage charms throughout their engagement to make the tradition extra special.

Consider Alternate Days of the Week for a Wedding

One of the best ways to save money on a wedding is to schedule it on an alternate day of the week. Saturdays are the most popular day of the week for weddings, making them more expensive to book. Even choosing a Friday or Sunday wedding date can save thousands of dollars.

Host a Stock the Bar Engagement Party

Open bars may be fun, but they come with a hefty price for the bride and groom. Instead of spending the wedding budget on alcohol, couples can host a stock-the-bar engagement party. Upon attending the party, each guest will bring a bottle of liquor to help stock the reception bar. Stock the bar parties allow everyone to have a good time at the wedding without putting financial pressure on the couple.

Choose Flowers Native to Louisiana

Imported wedding flower arrangements are never budget-friendly. Floral arrangements of native Louisiana flowers are a small detail that can add more southern charm to a small wedding. Working with a local florist who knows the native flora may help cut costs. Couples can also DIY arrangements using local flowers and miscellaneous secondhand vases for a vintage feel.

Take Engagement and Wedding Photos at Locations that are Free

Some locations charge a fee to take professional photos on-site. Avoid unnecessary costs by planning engagement and wedding photos at parks or scenic areas. Parks usually don’t charge photographers for using the space.

Pralines or Salt Water Taffy as Wedding Favors

Instead of shopping for customized party favors, choose classic New Orleans sweets like saltwater taffy or pralines. Bulk pricing is often an option when purchasing a large batch of pralines or saltwater taffy from a local store. Pralines can easily be homemade for couples who want to customize their guests’ gifts.

Skip Booking a Live Band and Curate a Playlist Instead

It’s tempting to book a popular brass band to emulate the classic sounds of New Orleans, but they are expensive. Most of the time, guests are too busy chatting or dancing to appreciate a live band. Have guests be the DJ at the reception by asking them for song recommendations on their RSVP forms.

Skip Catering and Host a Creole Potluck

Catering for a small wedding can get expensive quickly, with steep minimums no matter the number of RSVPs. Instead of booking a fancy caterer for parties under 50, a Creole potluck may be a better idea. Encouraging guests to bring Creole dishes to the reception, like gumbo, jambalaya, or crawfish étouffée, will add a little New Orleans Flavor.

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