Where to Stop Along the Canal Streetcar Line in New Orleans

A VISITORS’ GUIDE TO EXPERIENCING NEW ORLEANS’ BEST RESTAURANTS, HISTORIC BUILDINGS, AND ATTRACTIONS BY RIDING THE CANAL STREETCAR LINE Palm trees and neon signs line the infamous Canal Street in New Orleans. At the center, red streetcars scatter the street, taking people to and from experiences of a lifetime. The Canal streetcar line takes people […]

Top Ten Barbecue Joints to Try in New Orleans

WHERE TO EAT BARBECUE IN NEW ORLEANS: A GUIDE TO THE BEST JOINTS, PITMASTERS, PLATES, AND SIDES Barbecue is the underdog of New Orleans cuisine. Hidden among the traditional Creole restaurants lie some of the most distinct barbecue joints in the Gulf South. Thanks to Creole and Cajun influence, everything in the Crescent City has […]

The Ultimate Guide to Celebrating Mardi Gras in New Orleans

EVERYTHING TO KNOW ABOUT EXPERIENCING AN AUTHENTIC MARDI GRAS SEASON IN NEW ORLEANS, INCLUDING HISTORY, TRADITIONS, AND TOP TIPS Every year, New Orleans is engulfed by masked parade-goers, flying beads, and rolling works of art for several weeks. The historic debauchery takes place the weeks before the Catholic season of Lent, a time of fasting. […]

The Top Unspoken Rules of Mardi Gras Parades in New Orleans

HOW TO CELEBRATE MARDI GRAS LIKE A LOCAL: UNSPOKEN RULES TO FOLLOW WHEN ATTENDING NEW ORLEANS PARADES Every year, New Orleans locals flock to the streets of the French Quarter decked out in glitter, feather boas, and beads to celebrate Mardi Gras. The city-wide party spans one month leading up to Fat Tuesday. It’s hard […]

The History and Traditions of New Orleans’ Mardi Gras Throws

EVERYTHING VISITORS AND LOCALS MUST KNOW ABOUT THE TRADITION OF MARDI GRAS THROWS IN NEW ORLEANS Mardi Gras Parade-goers in New Orleans don’t just stand by and watch. Parades are an interactive experience where people dance and scream, “Throw me something, mister!” to acquire beads and various throws. According to the Audubon Institute, float riders […]

The History and Tradition of Mardi Gras Floats and Parades in New Orleans

EVERYTHING TO KNOW ABOUT THE NEW ORLEANS CARNIVAL TRADITION OF PARADE FLOATS INCLUDING THE HISTORY, MARDI GRAS WORLD, AND DIFFERENT TYPES Parade-goers wait on the sidewalks and neutral grounds every year, anticipating hundreds of extravagant floats to roll by. New Orleans is home to the country’s largest floats, some exceeding 300 feet, and the longest […]

The Complete History of New Orleans Mardi Gras Season and Traditions

HOW THE HISTORY OF MARDI GRAS SHAPED THE TRADITIONS PEOPLE CELEBRATE IN NEW ORLEANS TODAY The Mardi Gras that many celebrate today differs significantly from its origins. What started as a pagan celebration evolved into a Christian holiday that made its way from Europe to New Orleans in the 18th century. Mardi Gras wasn’t always […]

The Best Venue Ideas for Wedding Rehearsal Dinners, Ceremonies, and Receptions in New Orleans

A COMPREHENSIVE LIST OF STUNNING VENUES TO BOOK FOR A CLASSIC DESTINATION WEDDING IN NEW ORLEANS New Orleans is the best wedding destination, thanks to its elegant cathedrals, lush courtyards, and historic hotels. Authentic Creole restaurants like Court of Two Sisters and Galatoire’s make planning an elaborate rehearsal dinner a breeze. New Orleans’ iconic landmarks […]

The Best Bridal Shower Experiences in the Greater New Orleans Area

IDEAS FOR THROWING A MEMORABLE BRIDAL SHOWER IN NEW ORLEANS AND THE SURROUNDING AREA: THE BEST BRUNCH, COOKING CLASSES, AND TOURS New Orleans harbors experiences that can make any bride fall in love at first sight. Hosting a bridal party in a city full of romance will remind her of the newlywed love to come. […]

Ten Museums Everyone Must Visit in New Orleans

EXPLORE NEW ORLEANS’ HISTORY AT THE BEST MUSEUMS INCLUDING MARDI GRAS WORLD, THE NATIONAL WWII MUSEUM, AND THE CABILDO Every New Orleans street, neighborhood, and tradition exudes a storied history. The city’s collections of Southern artifacts, modern art, and historic accounts draw people from near and far. Tourists will fall in love with New Orleans’ […]