Top Dos and Don’ts of Southern Wedding Guest Etiquette in New Orleans

A NEW ORLEANS GUIDE TO THE FAUX PAS OF WEDDING GUEST ETIQUETTE: EVERYTHING TO KNOW BEFORE ATTENDING A SOUTHERN WEDDING New Orleans couples craft their weddings with devotion, elegance, and sweet Southern charm to create a night of memorable moments for everyone. The Southern comfort food, classic cocktails, and good times come with great responsibility […]

The Top Tips and Ideas for Planning Charming and Traditional New Orleans Weddings

THE ULTIMATE NEW ORLEANS WEDDING GUIDE WITH MUST-KNOW NEW ORLEANS-THEMED IDEAS TO ADD TO ANY CHARMING AND TRADITIONAL WEDDING CHECKLIST New Orleans weddings are a memorable event for locals and visitors alike. Weddings in New Orleans come in all shapes and sizes, from a charming wedding at a hotel courtyard to a traditional wedding inside […]

The Top Ten Classic New Orleans Desserts — Experience the City’s Sweet Side

WHILE NEW ORLEANS IS FAMOUS FOR COCKTAILS, CREOLE CUISINE, MUSIC, AND PARADES, IT’S ALSO AN INCREDIBLE PLACE TO INDULGE IN SATISFYING SWEETS Famous for sensational cuisine, drinks, and nightlife, it’s easy to overlook New Orleans’ subtle yet delicious sweet side. The city’s classic desserts are as eclectic as its cultural history, with influences ranging from […]

The Best New Orleans Pub Crawl Tours of the French Quarter

THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO THE TOP FIVE PUB, BAR, AND COCKTAIL TOURS IN NEW ORLEANS New Orleans is said to be the party city of the world — the drinks flow until sunrise, and the people never sleep. To experience it all, pub tours, haunted pub crawls, and cocktail tours are a must-do. Whether day-drinking […]

Five Most Mysterious Monsters, Haunts, and Urban Legends of New Orleans

UNCOVER NEW ORLEANS’ DARK HISTORY THROUGH THE MOST TERRIFYING TALES OF THE CITY’S HAUNTED PAST The haunted enigma of New Orleans casts an enduring spell on curious minds. A city steeped in a tumultuous history of colonization, slavery, wars, and natural disasters fosters peculiar events and many myths and urban legends. New Orleans’ nickname, “Cities […]

The Top Seven Best Things to Do in New Orleans

THE BEST ACTIVITIES TO EXPERIENCE IN NEW ORLEANS FOR AN ADVENTURE-FILLED WEEKEND OF FUN AND LEISURE, INCLUDING LIVE MUSIC, CREOLE FOOD, HISTORIC LANDMARKS, AND THE SUPERNATURAL Visiting Marie Laveau’s grave may not be on everyone’s to-do list, but embracing the culture, music, and beauty of New Orleans should be. With so much to do, see, […]

Top Traditional Food to Try in New Orleans

EVERY MUST-TRY FOOD IN NEW ORLEANS: THE BEST TRADITIONAL DISHES AND SWEET TREATS, AND WHERE TO EAT THEM New Orleans’ identity is rooted in soul food. People travel from all over to get a taste of the city’s buffet of comfort food served with a side of southern hospitality and eccentric culture. With a melting […]

Five Famous New Orleans Cocktails and Where to Drink Them

A GUIDE TO DRINKING IN NEW ORLEANS, THE CITY THAT INVENTED THE COCKTAIL, AND THE FIVE MOST INFAMOUS DRINKS TO TRY It’s easy to let the good times roll in the city that invented the cocktail. New Orleans is a hub for drinking and home to various classic concoctions. Whether it’s a Sazerac, a Hurricane, […]

The Top Must-See Historical Landmarks, Places, and Sights in New Orleans

A NEW ORLEANS VISITOR’S GUIDE TO THE BEST HISTORICAL PLACES TO SEE IN NEW ORLEANS, INCLUDING CEMETERIES, PARKS, RESTAURANTS Heart, history, and soul embody the spirit of New Orleans, Louisiana. Founded by the French over 300 years ago, the city has gone through and survived turmoil and metamorphosis to become the cultural and historic icon […]

A Southerner’s Guide to New Orleans Wedding Gift Etiquette

THE TOP QUESTIONS ABOUT PURCHASING GIFTS FOR A NEW ORLEANS WEDDING: HOW MUCH TO SPEND, GROUP GIFTS, AND USING THE REGISTRY Everyone wants to give the perfect gift at a New Orleans wedding. The married couple-to-be deserves all the supplies to make their house a home and their love last forever. Still, deciding how much […]